DIY Wooden Chair

DIY Wooden Chair – a stylish modern throne, just for you. 

Looking for a gorgeous chair design? This elegant DIY design is as sleek as it is sturdy. It utilizes heavy-duty 4x4 lumber, and the cut list makes for an easy build. 

Of course, the choice of wood, materials, and hardware is up to you – which is one of the joys of any DIY project. So whether you go with sturdy oak, exotic hardwoods, or lightweight pine – this chair can compliment any environment you’d like to put it in. 

And it doesn’t take a whole workshop to build! This project is great for DIY’ers of any level, and it’s a great introduction point for those new to home furniture making. 

Ideal for: patios, gardens, porches, backyards, family DIY projects, and more. 

Ready to build your own? Great! Just check out the DIY build guide and diagrams below to get started. 


A note before starting - 

Please understand - the below diagrams are genuinely and carefully designed to help you navigate the build process. However, we don’t include specific recommendations for which tools, hardware, or products to use. These truly are “DIY” designs. 

As such – a significant portion of the build-process will be up to you, the builder. So please know, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to assemble any of our designs! If you need to depart from the instructions, or rearrange things along the way, feel free to. 

The only thing we ask: please be safe! And of course, there’s no shame in asking an expert for help or seeking guidance from your local professionals at any time. 

And please: enjoy the process!

Wooden Chair Kit Parts List

Part icon
4'' x 4'' Lumber - 3.5" Length
Wood - Lumber
Part icon
4'' x 4'' Lumber - 38.75" Length
Wood - Lumber
Part icon
4'' x 4'' Lumber - 43.75" Length
Wood - Lumber
Part icon
4'' x 4'' Lumber - 20" Length
Wood - Lumber
Part icon
4'' x 4'' Lumber - 31.5" Length
Wood - Lumber
Part icon
4'' x 4'' Lumber - 21" Length
Wood - Lumber
Part icon
4'' x 4'' Lumber - 38" Length
Wood - Lumber

Wooden Chair Plans: Step-by-Step Guide

How do you know which part is which from the parts list? Click on "Edit Design in 3D" button above and you'll be able to click on each part to see its name.

Step 1

First, you’ll need a sturdy frame for your chair. 

To start, use the above diagram to determine which part you’ll need for this step. 

Once you’ve gathered your materials, you’ll want to begin assembling the frame. 

For this step, it might be easiest to lay each piece down and attach them at right angles on a flat surface. For example, you can build the back frame of your chair, then each of the sides; and then stand your back frame up in order to attach the side frames.

Step 2

Now you’ll want to install the seat rest and side supports. 

As these will need to be anchored to the frame of your chair, it might be easiest to accomplish this by flipping the chair frame upside down or on its side to provide stability and ease-of-access. 

Alternatively, you can assemble each “module” (the seat and each side), and then install them as whole parts into your frame.

Step 3

Almost done! 

All that’s left is the complementary supports. 

For this step, you’ll want to measure and mark the exact heights that your horizontal side supports will be installed at before attaching them. 

Finally, go ahead and add your small 4x4 blocking to the bottom of your chair frame. 

And that’s it! 

How does your new throne look?

Time to relax and enjoy sitting in it.

Finished Product in 3D!