8020 Aluminum Design Software

No CAD Skills Needed

Just pick parts and snap them as you go. No need to learn any complicated CAD software for 8020 aluminum.

Exact Measurements

You need a special saw to cut 80/20 so getting all your measurements right makes life much easier!

Design & Buy in One Place

See all the parts needed to construct your design and order them from us or one of our trusted suppliers!

Try it Free!

Are the Parts Compatible?

Many 8020 users buy parts that aren't compatible which leads to lots of frustration. When you snap aluminum extrusions in CraftyAmigo, you can be sure that they are compatible with other parts like T-nuts, bolts, end caps and others. Discover all the joints, accessories and rails available for your aluminum DIY projects.

Make Simple or Complex Designs!

You can make a simple truck bed or a tricked out racing simulator. Start simple and see what your imagination brings to the table!

It's a great place to play with DIY projects for home improvement, school projects or just for fun. Perhaps your projects needs some casters or leveling mounts don't worry, we have them available for your 8020 projects.

Learn As You Go!

When you're not an expert in aluminum 80/20, it can be super scary try to build something by yourself. Especially because the parts can be pretty expensive. Or you might not know when to use bolts, linear bearings and other parts, don't worry! We got you covered!

Start off from a blank page or modify someone else's design! Once you build your first 8020 design, you will get tons of cool ideas for new stuff to build! Is there something you can't do?Let us know! We will always listen to our makers.

Not sure yet? Take a look at our DIY projects below.

DIYer or Pro Users

It doesn't matter if you work at a big biotech co or just a hobbiest or even if it's your first time building anything with your hands. We want to make 80/20 Aluminum accessible to everyone.

You just need a good idea and this DIYer app will allow you to start by placing your first rail joint with a T-Slot, a track roller or even a tray. You may also find components like hinges and aluminum handles and if we don't have an accessory, just let us know!

Start Your 8020 Project!

Check out all the DIY  projects you can build with 8020 Aluminum! If you wish to see a specific design, go ahead and ask for it. We are happy to add new aluminum 3D free designs and their list of parts.

All the 8020 Parts You Need

We tried to keep it simple for you and put only the critical parts but if you need a special part, don't hesitate to reach out!

We Know What Fits Into What

We know the size & type of each connection of each part.
So we show you only compatible parts when you're designing your project.

Snap! Snap! Snap!

It's so simple to use. Select the part you need, add a joint or accessory depending on your aluminum design,
and basically you'll assemble your 8020 project in minutes!

Why Aluminum 8020?

Aluminum 8020 has been called "Legos for Adults". 8020 doesn't require welding and the "T" slot that it has on all 4 sides allow you a lot of flexibility for adding more rails or accessories without having to cut it or use special tools! You'll just need fasteners like aluminum brackets, bolts, t-nuts and many other according to your design's needs.

Oh! and it's extremely light for how much strength it delivers. We've seen it used in labs, warehouses, pickup trucks, vans and schools. Its resistance to corrosion makes it perfect for indoor or outdoor use and gussets just improves the union of various parts.

Basically anytime where wood might not be ideal and you don't want to weld, Aluminum 8020 is a great place to look with easy integration with a variety of accessories designed specifically for this type of extrusion!

See & Buy Your Parts List

We include the purchase links for all the parts you need and we're adding the ability to
purchase directly from Crafty Amigo very soon!

Start 8020 Aluminum Project!

It's Free and Super Easy!

Make Your 8020 Aluminum Design!


Is this a downloadable app?
No! It all works on the browser. It works on your phone as well as your computer!

Is it free?
Yes the app is 100% free.

Can I save my design?
Yes! You can save your design in your account.

Can I share my design?
Yes! You'll have a unique URL for every design you save which you can send to anyone! They can then see or clone the design. They cannot edit your design. You can also delete it whenever you'd like.

What materials do you support?
Crafty currently have 1000 parts across
aluminum 8020, steel, wood, HVAC and PVC! Let us know if we're missing a part.

Where did the idea for this app come from?
I spent a year building an off grid farm and knew nothing about construction / plumbing / electrical work…
I saw that most people had to go the hardware store multiple times and many times they weren’t able to finish their work that day because the vendor didn’t have the part. So I thought if you can design your project beforehand, it will allow us to check for compatibility while you’re designing and then be able to send you all the parts! Much easier!

Can I connect PVC to wood, t-slot / aluminum 8020?
Yes. There are transition parts that allow you to connect PVC to wood or wood to aluminum 8020. If there is interest, we will start adding parts like motors and electrical components as well.

The idea for Crafty is to be a place where you can design your entire project with all of its components so when you want to get to building, all you need to do is order!

Do you have everything in stock?
No, not everything. We currently have about half of the parts and our goal is to little by little add more.
For the parts we don't have, we will give you a link for the provider that you can buy it from. Hopefully as the app gets more traction, we will start to carry more and more items so we can ship you everything in one set.

How do you deal with long and heavy parts (like 2x4s)?
When you have parts longer than 36" or of a certain kind (like lumber beyond a certain WxH), we just give you the dimension / exact length for you to go buy that at your local store. It doesn't make much sense to ship a 2x4 :)

Are you going to add more parts?
Yes. This current set of parts that you see on the app is our initial set. We just finished this version in late April 2023 so we’re listening to the feedback we get and will evolve the app to be the best that it can be for all of you!

Why not just use CAD?
You can! If you have all the parts downloaded already and are an expert in CAD software. Also, I would hope that your CAD software gives you a clean output of all the parts / their exact measurements.
What CAD software won't do is allow you to share the design online and allow others to see your design and specs.

Do you have tips I can follow for different materials?
Sure! Here are some basic concepts.
How to Use 80/20 Aluminum
How to Cut PVC Pipe
Can I Connect PVC Pipe with Metal Threads?
How to Connect PVC Pipe without Glue

Do you have any tutorials on how to use the app?
Yes please visit our YouTube Channel and learn about:
Crafty Amigo Tutorial: Design Your Woodworking Project!
Crafty Amigo Tutorial: How to design your DIY PVC Project!