How to Cut PVC Pipe

Working your DIY home projects with PVC is one of the most budget-friendly materials you will find in the market.  PVC pipes are lightweight which makes them easy to transport anyway. They can resist corrosion like acids, alkalis, and other harsh chemicals making them resistant for plumbing, irrigation, and drainage or even PVC furniture. PVC is actually easy to cut or connect, requiring simple tools like saws, solvent cement and fittings. PVC pipes are durable, often lasting for decades without corroding or deteriorating.

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Best tool for cutting PVC Pipe

Considering the tools you may have available or wish to acquire, here are the best tools for cutting PVC Pipe of different sizes. It's important to prioritize safety by wearing protective gear such as goggles and gloves, and ensuring the PVC tube is securely positioned since pressure will be applied during cutting.

Hand Saw or Hacksaw:

This might be something that for sure you’ll have at home. This tool is suitable for PVC tubes up to 2" in diameter. Ensure the pipe, mark it and once you have it stable, start sawing. Be careful with the blades, sometimes they bend and could harm your hands.

Pipe Cutter:

This tool is kind of like the scissors of the pipes! It’s made specifically for cutting PVC pipes, providing clean cuts with its sharp cutting wheel that tightens around the pipe. It's recommended for 2" PVC tubes.

Miter Saw:

This tool is more complex but very efficient for cutting multiple pipes to the same length quickly. It's ideal for larger PVC pipes exceeding 2" in diameter.

Rotary tool:

This tool is equipped with a cutting wheel attachment and offers precision cuts, particularly useful for tight or hard-to-reach areas of PVC tubes. It also comes with different bits you can use according to your needs.

Hacksaw with
a Miter Box:

This box facilitates angled or precise cuts. The miter box guides the saw, ensuring straight or angled cuts with accuracy. It's versatile and suitable for various PVC tubes sizes. You can find these at any hardware shop.

If you want to learn more about gluing or painting PVC tubes we recommend you read our “How to Connect PVC Pipe Without Glue” Post.

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DIY Ideas with PVC Pipes

Now that you know the perfect tools to cut PVC Pipes and since these are versatile and can be used for a variety of DIY Smart home projects or practical applications at your office. You might be wondering what other smart projects you can accomplish with this material. Here are our top 5 projects we’ve seen and loved because they are so useful, cheap and easy to build. 

A garden irrigation system made out of PVC Pipes.

Garden Irrigation System:

You can create a custom irrigation system for your garden using PVC tubes. Design drip irrigation lines or overhead sprinkler systems to efficiently water your plants.

Pet Agility Equipment:

We recently built a wheelchair for a dog and it was amazing to see him run! But you can also build agility equipment for your pets using PVC tubes. Create hurdles, weave poles, or tunnels for dogs to train and exercise in your backyard or at a local park.

DIY Furniture:

Construct simple furniture pieces such as tables, chairs, guitar racks or bookshelves using PVC pipes as the frame. Combine PVC tubes with other materials like wood or acrylic to create unique and modern furniture designs.

Kids' Play Structures:

Build fun and creative play structures for kids using PVC pipes. Create a backyard fort, playhouse, or maze that provides hours of entertainment and encourages imaginative play. Have you seen our Halloween Haunted House with Mazes? You’ll love it!

Aquaponics System:

Set up an aquaponics system using PVC pipes to grow plants and raise fish in a symbiotic environment. PVC tubes can be used to create the plumbing system that circulates water between the fish tank and plant beds. 

- Caution - While some suggest using heat for bending PVC pipes, we advise against it due to the potential release of toxic fumes. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a plastic containing chlorine. When subjected to high temperatures, it can emit harmful gases such as hydrogen chloride and dioxin.

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DIY Projects with PVC Pipes

If you're interested in incorporating PVC pipes into your upcoming DIY smart home project, explore our DIYer App's library featuring a variety of engaging and imaginative PVC projects. Take a look and keep in mind that you can customize the free 3D designs to suit your specific requirements. Or start from scratch that great idea you have had for months in your mind. Our DIYer app is very easy to use.

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In case you didn’t know, there is actually a DIYer app that can help you build anything you imagine on PVC, wood, aluminum 80/20 or HVAC. Below is a quick summary of the existing components we've integrated into our App! If you require something not listed, simply inform us, and we'll swiftly incorporate it for you! Alongside the standard PVC fittings, we've also included a wide array of different components for any project you may have in mind.

Did You Know There is a
DIYer App for PVC Projects?

Initially designed for plumbing tasks, this app has seen a surge in popularity thanks to the affordability and versatility of PVC tubes across various home projects. From crafting greenhouses to setting up hydroponic systems and constructing dog wheelchairs, creative people have found countless inventive uses for PVC.

Take a tour of our gallery to discover practical and innovative PVC plans and construction ideas. PVC connections also seamlessly integrate with steel, offering flexibility in tube usage.

PVC stands out for its durability and resistance to weathering, chemical corrosion, and abrasion, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, especially when tubes are painted.

The cost-effectiveness of PVC components allows for experimentation without financial worries. However, it's important to note that PVC tubes, being hollow, may not adequately support heavy loads without a sturdy framework, particularly for longer tubes.

Our PVC software  is freely accessible as a web-based app, enabling you to switch between PVC, aluminum 8020, HVAC, or wood based on your project requirements. Enjoy the versatility of our platform as you explore your creative projects!

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Is this a downloadable app?
No! It all works on the browser. It works on your phone as well as your computer!

Is it free?
Yes the app is 100% free.

Can I save my design?
Yes! You can save your design in your account.

Can I share my design?
Yes! You'll have a unique URL for every design you save which you can send to anyone! They can then see or clone the design. They cannot edit your design. You can also delete it whenever you'd like.

What materials do you support?
Crafty currently have 1000 parts across
aluminum 8020, steel, wood, HVAC and PVC! Let us know if we're missing a part.

Where did the idea for this app come from?
I spent a year building an off grid farm and knew nothing about construction / plumbing / electrical work…
I saw that most people had to go the hardware store multiple times and many times they weren’t able to finish their work that day because the vendor didn’t have the part. So I thought if you can design your project beforehand, it will allow us to check for compatibility while you’re designing and then be able to send you all the parts! Much easier!

Can I connect PVC to wood, t-slot / aluminum 8020?
Yes. There are transition parts that allow you to connect PVC to wood or wood to aluminum 8020. If there is interest, we will start adding parts like motors and electrical components as well.

The idea for Crafty is to be a place where you can design your entire project with all of its components so when you want to get to building, all you need to do is order!

Do you have everything in stock?
No, not everything. We currently have about half of the parts and our goal is to little by little add more.
For the parts we don't have, we will give you a link for the provider that you can buy it from. Hopefully as the app gets more traction, we will start to carry more and more items so we can ship you everything in one set.

How do you deal with long and heavy parts (like 2x4s)?
When you have parts longer than 36" or of a certain kind (like lumber beyond a certain WxH), we just give you the dimension / exact length for you to go buy that at your local store. It doesn't make much sense to ship a 2x4 :)

Are you going to add more parts?
Yes. This current set of parts that you see on the app is our initial set. We just finished this version in late April 2023 so we’re listening to the feedback we get and will evolve the app to be the best that it can be for all of you!

Why not just use CAD?
You can! If you have all the parts downloaded already and are an expert in CAD software. Also, I would hope that your CAD software gives you a clean output of all the parts / their exact measurements.
What CAD software won't do is allow you to share the design online and allow others to see your design and specs.

Do you have any tutorials on how to use the app?
Yes please visit our YouTube Channel and learn about:
Crafty Amigo Tutorial: Design Your Woodworking Project!
Crafty Amigo Tutorial: How to design your DIY PVC Project!