How to Build a Laptop Stand

DIY Laptop Stand

Give your workstation a special touch with a PVC Laptop Stand for desks. 

Our super easy DIY laptop stand is made out of only 11 pcs. of PVC and is very easy to assemble. You can use it for work from your home space, or on your school desk, or take it to your favorite coworking space. A perfect PVC project for new DIYers.

This PVC laptop stand is 13” wide but you can adjust it according to your needs, we also recommend to give it a perfect finish with your favorite plastic spray paint.

Ideal for: Any size of laptop since you can adjust the width of the design. 

Ready to start this new PVC project that will bring joy to your pocket? Let’s do it!


A note before starting - 

Please understand - the below diagrams are genuinely and carefully designed to help you navigate the build process. However, we don’t include specific recommendations for which tools, hardware, or products to use. These truly are “DIY” designs. 

As such – a significant portion of the build-process will be up to you, the builder. So please know, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to assemble any of our designs! If you need to depart from the instructions, or rearrange things along the way, feel free to. 

The only thing we ask: please be safe! And of course, there’s no shame in asking an expert for help or seeking guidance from your local professionals at any time. 

And please: enjoy the process!

Laptop Stand Parts List

Part icon
1/2" Tube - 13" Length
PVC - Standard PVC
Part icon
1/2" Tube - 3" Length
PVC - Standard PVC
Part icon
1/2" Tube - 10" Length
PVC - Standard PVC
Part icon
1/2" 90° Elbow Slip PVC
PVC - Standard PVC

Laptop Stand Assembly Steps

How do you know which part is which from the parts list? Click on "Edit Design in 3D" button above and you'll be able to click on each part to see its name.

Step 1: Cutting the PVC Parts and Assembling the Laptop Stand

Our first step will be measuring all of your 1/2 " PVC tubes. Remember that you must be very precise so that every piece falls into the right place and avoid assembling an unbalanced stand.

The stand is made out of a 2 1/2 " tube with a width of 10" and a 1/2 " tube with a width of 13". This is basically the width and depth of your laptop's stand. You'll need two 1/2 " tubes for the height of the cut at 3" long.

And, finally, you'll need the 6 1/2 " elbows that will connect all your PVC tubes. 

Guide yourself through the diagram above.

Start with a 1/2 " elbow and connect it to a 1/2 " PVC tube with a length of 10", then add a 1/2 " elbow facing down.

You will then connect to a 1/2 " PVC tube with a length of 3" and then again to a 1/2 " elbow. 

Next add the 1/2 " PVC tube with a length of 13" and connect it to an 1/2 " elbow facing up.

Then connect it to your 1/2 " PVC tube with a length of 3", another 1/2 " elbow and then again the 1/2 " PVC tube with a length of 10" and finish the stand with your last 1/2 " elbow.

It's that simple! Did you enjoy the process?

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