HVAC Duct Design Software

Intuitive Interface

You don't need to know any complicated software to get started with your HVAC ductwork. Just pick any part and start snapping them together!

Huge Selection of HVAC Parts

We've included all the standard parts for HVAC supply. From ducts, to adapters, collars, caps, vents... and more!

Design it & See
Parts List!

Once your HVAC system is done, you can view or print your parts list, including their precise measurements.

Design your HVAC System

The HVAC Design Software
You Need!

The software that designs your HVAC system will be your trusty sidekick for you and your HVAC installer or engineer. But if you don't want to hire someone and you're confident in your skills then this is the HVAC design software you need. Design your home's comfort easily and know exactly what you need with accuracy, efficiency and optimization. Hvac ducts & fittings, dampers & plenums, etc.

Customize your system and save some money by knowing exactly what you need with a real measurement parts list. On this HVAC Design Software you'll find everything from ducts and wyes to tees and adapters, allowing you to effortlessly create your new cozy or cool home.

HVAC Systems Can Be Tricky

HVAC systems might look complex, but if you know the role that each piece plays and how they fit together, this app will help you to design and optimize the size of the ducting system.
Just snap together the ducts with stacked head elbows, HVAC splice collars, galvanized elbows and other components you'll find in the app. Then acquire your own heat exchanger or condensing unit to finish off your DIY project.

Start by connecting ducts, think where the air handler should go, maybe imagine an entire room and expand the system as you gain experience in our software! Share your project with friends or family for feedback. 

Learn by Doing your
First HVAC System!

Using our HVAC Duct Design Software might seem daunting without guidance. If you aren’t yet convinced, start by building or replicating existing HVAC systems. As you gain experience and become more familiar with the various HVAC components, you can design a bigger and more complete project on your own! Soon you'll know where heat exchangers should go and where to install evaporator coils.

Each of our pre-designed HVAC projects includes an easy-to-follow guide. Explore the steps involved in constructing your living room's air conditioning or your loft's heater system with your own hands. You have the flexibility to select HVAC projects that align with your objectives and requirements.

Experienced DIYer or Novice

It doesn't matter! Crafty Amigo is for anyone interested in DIY projects. The crucial thing is to begin. You can start by brainstorming a simple idea and designing it yourself, or you can jump-start your project by constructing one of the designs showcased in our gallery!

Gain access to the complete list of parts with accurate measurements, just like a pro engineer! If you start from scratch or select a HVAC System 3D design, it automatically gets generated.

We Have the HVAC Parts You Need!

Here's a brief overview of the current parts available for HVAC Systems!
If there's anything missing for your heating, ventilation or air conditioning,
just let us know, and we'll include it for you! 

We Know What Fits Into What

We know the size & type of each connection of each part to the ducts of a HVAC system.
So we show you only compatible parts when you're creating your AC, heating or ventilation system.

Easily Design a Duct System Based
on your Comfort Preferences

While many HVAC design software options are geared toward engineers and architects familiar with system sizing, energy efficiency, ductwork design, code compliance or cost estimation, Crafty Amigo is designed to be user-friendly for everyone, particularly those embarking on their next DIY smart home project who just need to design the ductwork and know the real sizing of it all.

Whether you're a seasoned expert or a newcomer, you can easily assemble your HVAC duct design with Crafty Amigo. It's built around standard parts available at your local hardware store, allowing you to place these parts and then effortlessly attach other compatible components. The process is straightforward: Click - Select - Snap!

Our objective is to make the design and construction process more enjoyable for DIY enthusiasts who love designing their home atmosphere with HVAC systems, customizing it according to their very specific needs!

Once your design is complete, you can share it with your engineers or teams who can clone it, make alterations, or simply replicate your shared designs.Once your design is ready, you'll receive a parts list and the exact measurements of each component, enabling you to gather all the necessary materials without the hassle of multiple trips to the hardware store!

Oh and it's completely free and web-based. You can also transition from HVAC into aluminum 8020, wood or PVC tubes!

See & Buy Your Parts List

We include the purchase links for all the parts you need and
we're adding the ability to purchase directly from Crafty Amigo very soon!
How great is that? From your computer to your door, ready to assemble!

Start a HVAC Project!

Creating a DIY project using HVAC components is both cost-effective and highly convenient!

Design a HVAC System


Is this a downloadable app?
No! It all works on the browser. It works on your phone as well as your computer!

Is it free?
Yes the app is 100% free.

Can I save my design?
Yes! You can save your design in your account.

Can I share my design?
Yes! You'll have a unique URL for every design you save which you can send to anyone! They can then see or clone the design. They cannot edit your design. You can also delete it whenever you'd like.

What materials do you support?
Crafty currently have 1000 parts across
aluminum 8020, steel, wood, HVAC and PVC! Let us know if we're missing a part.

Where did the idea for this app come from?
I spent a year building an off grid farm and knew nothing about construction / plumbing / electrical work…
I saw that most people had to go the hardware store multiple times and many times they weren’t able to finish their work that day because the vendor didn’t have the part. So I thought if you can design your project beforehand, it will allow us to check for compatibility while you’re designing and then be able to send you all the parts! Much easier!

Which components are connected to HVAC systems?
HVAC components can get connected with various systems to enhance it’s functionality, like thermostats, building management systems (BMS), sensors, ventilation systems, energy management systems (EMS), remote monitoring and control, integration with renewable energy sources among others.

The idea for Crafty is to be a place where you can design your entire project ready to connect with other components so you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish.

Do you have everything in stock?
No, not everything. We currently have about half of the parts and our goal is to little by little add more.
For the parts we don't have, we will give you a link for the provider that you can buy it from. Hopefully as the app gets more traction, we will start to carry more and more items so we can ship you everything in one set.

What are the types of HVAC Systems?
According to the needs and specifications of different buildings and applications, you may find yourself analyzing the following types: Split systems for residential or small buildings.
Packaged systems for roofs or beside buildings.
Ductless mini-split systems for retrofitting older buildings.
Heat pumps able to reverse the refrigeration cycle into heating.
Hybrid heat systems for regions with fluctuating weather conditions.
Variable refrigerant Flow (VRF) commonly used in commercial buildings.
And chilled water systems to cool through pipes buildings.

Are you going to add more parts?
Yes. This current set of parts that you see on the app is our initial set. We just finished this version in late April 2023 so we’re listening to the feedback we get and will evolve the app to be the best that it can be for all of you!

Why not just use a Profesional HVAC Software?
Certainly! If you're equipped with the necessary expertise and seek assistance with tasks like system sizing, ensuring energy efficiency, designing ductwork, complying with codes, or estimating costs, HVAC software can be incredibly useful. It's expected that these software solutions would provide accurate outputs, detailing all parts along with their precise measurements in a user-friendly format.

Yet, it's important to recognize that while these HVAC software tools are excellent for individual design work, they might not support online sharing of designs and specifications, preventing collaboration and visibility to others.

Do you Have tips I can follow for different materials?
Sure! Here are some basic concepts.
How to Use 80/20 Aluminum
How to Cut PVC Pipe
Can I Connect PVC Pipe with Metal Threads?
How to Connect PVC Pipe without Glue

Do you have any tutorials on how to use the app?
Yes please visit our YouTube Channel and learn about:
Crafty Amigo Tutorial: Design Your Woodworking Project!
Crafty Amigo Tutorial: How to design your DIY PVC Project!