Can I Connect PVC
with Metal Threads?

If you’re asking yourself can I connect PVC with metal threads, the answer is yes. But here are some details to take into consideration depending on your project, whether it's plumbing, irrigation or HVAC. PVC pipes can be connected to metal threads using appropriate PVC fittings or by depending on the kind of material or liquids that will be passed through the PVC pipes or metal pipes. Various fittings are on hand to enable connections between PVC and metal pipes and/or components. Take adapters, for instance, which support female PVC threads on one end and male metal threads on the other, making such connections possible. Ensure that the fittings used are compatible with both PVC and metal pipes for your application, and ensure a secure leak-proof connection.

In this post we will go through some important details to avoid leaks or buying the wrong fittings for your DIY projects.

PVC Fittings Compatible with
PVC and Metal Threads

Some PVC fittings are specifically designed to be compatible with both PVC or CPVC and metal pipes. These fittings typically have one end with PVC threads and the other end with metal threads, allowing for a seamless transition between the two types of pipes. So our best recommendation would be to use elbows, tees or coupling with a female connection when it comes to PVC or CPVC piping. And to facilitate a female connection at the point where plastic and metal pipes intersect from a male threaded pipe, a galvanized coupling is the best option.

Here are some example of fittings for PVC and metal threads:

PVC to Metal Adapters

These fittings have female PVC threads on one end and male metal threads on the other end, allowing for the connection of PVC pipes to metal pipes or components.

PVC to Metal Couplings

Couplings with PVC threads on one end and metal threads on the other end like nipples are used to join PVC pipes to metal pipes or other components you can see in our DIYer app for PVC projects.

PVC to Metal Bushings

Bushings with PVC threads on the larger end and metal threads on the smaller end are used to adapt between different pipe sizes or types, allowing for the connection of PVC pipes to metal pipes.

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We showed you some fittings you can work with, but there is versatility and flexibility in plumbing or piping systems where PVC and metal pipes can be connected. Make sure that when you visit a hardware shop double check with clerks that you’re selecting the right fitting, compatible with the specific sizes and types of pipes being used in your project and to ensure a secure and leak-proof connection. 

Another approach is to use rubber with clamps on galvanized metal, you can tighten them with a socket wrench or screwdriver. You must also use silicon sealant on the galvanized metal before installing the connector. No need to add any type of glue on the PVC end. Glue and PVC cement will not work, so avoid using these on this type of connection.

PVC Projects with Metal Threads

There are some DIY projects that will definitely need a transition from PVC piping or CPVC piping to metal. This will not only be convenient since PVC pipes will resist better than copper or galvanized pipes, but will also be cheaper. These are commonly used in various plumbing and piping applications. If you are dealing with these scenarios, you must consider these components.

Home Plumbing

In residential plumbing systems, PVC pipes are often used for drainage or venting, while metal pipes such as copper or galvanized steel may be used for water supply lines. Transition fittings allow for connections between these different types of pipes. PVC pipes are smoother so you can rely on them to avoid clogs.

Industrial Piping

In industrial settings, PVC pipes may be used for chemical processing or wastewater treatment systems, while metal pipes such as stainless steel or carbon steel may be used for high-pressure or high-temperature applications. Transition fittings enable connections between PVC and metal pipes in these environments. Remember that if you decide to use PVC pipe, some fittings can break over pressure.

HVAC Systems

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems may utilize both PVC and metal piping components. PVC pipes are commonly used for drainage or venting, while metal pipes may be used for ductwork or supply lines. Transition fittings facilitate connections between PVC and metal pipes in HVAC systems.

Outdoor Irrigation

In outdoor irrigation systems, PVC pipes are often used for water distribution, while metal pipes such as galvanized steel may be used for risers or connection points. Transition fittings allow for connections between PVC and metal pipes in irrigation systems.

Overall, transition fittings provide versatility and flexibility in system design and installation for plumbing or piping systems. Using PVC and metal threads together allows for easy adaptation and modification of existing structures without the need for extensive rework or replacement.

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The Best Way to Ensure No Leaks
On PVC Connections with Metal

For PVC and metal threads connections, it's recommended to use a thread sealant or thread tape specifically designed for use with both PVC and metal pipes. Here are two common types:


Thread sealants are liquid compounds that are applied to the threads of pipes and fittings before assembly. These sealants fill the gaps between the threads, creating a tight seal and preventing leaks. Examples of thread sealants suitable for PVC and metal threads connections include anaerobic sealants and pipe joint compounds.

Thread Tape
(Teflon Tape)

Thread tape, also known as Teflon tape, is a thin, flexible tape made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) that is wrapped around the threads of pipes and fittings before assembly. The tape fills the gaps between the threads and provides lubrication during assembly, resulting in a tight seal. Thread tape is available in different thicknesses and densities for various applications.

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Is this a downloadable app?
No! It all works on the browser. It works on your phone as well as your computer!

Is it free?
Yes the app is 100% free.

Can I save my design?
Yes! You can save your design in your account.

Can I share my design?
Yes! You'll have a unique URL for every design you save which you can send to anyone! They can then see or clone the design. They cannot edit your design. You can also delete it whenever you'd like.

What materials do you support?
Crafty currently have 1000 parts across
aluminum 8020, steel, wood, HVAC and PVC! Let us know if we're missing a part.

Where did the idea for this app come from?
I spent a year building an off grid farm and knew nothing about construction / plumbing / electrical work…
I saw that most people had to go the hardware store multiple times and many times they weren’t able to finish their work that day because the vendor didn’t have the part. So I thought if you can design your project beforehand, it will allow us to check for compatibility while you’re designing and then be able to send you all the parts! Much easier!

Can I connect PVC to wood, t-slot / aluminum 8020?
Yes. There are transition parts that allow you to connect PVC to wood or wood to aluminum 8020. If there is interest, we will start adding parts like motors and electrical components as well.

The idea for Crafty is to be a place where you can design your entire project with all of its components so when you want to get to building, all you need to do is order!

Do you have everything in stock?
No, not everything. We currently have about half of the parts and our goal is to little by little add more.
For the parts we don't have, we will give you a link for the provider that you can buy it from. Hopefully as the app gets more traction, we will start to carry more and more items so we can ship you everything in one set.

How do you deal with long and heavy parts (like 2x4s)?
When you have parts longer than 36" or of a certain kind (like lumber beyond a certain WxH), we just give you the dimension / exact length for you to go buy that at your local store. It doesn't make much sense to ship a 2x4 :)

Are you going to add more parts?
Yes. This current set of parts that you see on the app is our initial set. We just finished this version in late April 2023 so we’re listening to the feedback we get and will evolve the app to be the best that it can be for all of you!

Why not just use CAD?
You can! If you have all the parts downloaded already and are an expert in CAD software. Also, I would hope that your CAD software gives you a clean output of all the parts / their exact measurements.
What CAD software won't do is allow you to share the design online and allow others to see your design and specs.

Do you have tips I can follow for different materials?
Sure! Here are some basic concepts.
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How to Cut PVC Pipe
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Do you have any tutorials on how to use the app?
Yes please visit our YouTube Channel and learn about:
Crafty Amigo Tutorial: Design Your Woodworking Project!
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