Woodworking Design Software

Intuitive Interface

You don't need to know any complicated wood software to get started. Just pick any lumber and start snapping them together!

Huge Selection of Lumber

1x1, 1x2, 2x2, 2x4, 4x4, 1x6, 1x8, 1x10, 1x12... you name it. We've added all the common sizes of lumber for you!

Design it & See Parts List!

Once you've done your wooden design, see / print out your parts list with their exact measurements.

Start Playing!

All the Parts You Need

It's hard to research all the different types of plates / joints you can use these days for your wood project. Crafty Amigo has all the most common parts to let you design your Woodworking project with ease. You have everything from meshes to doors to hinges to brackets...

What Are You Thinking?

Whatever it is, start designing your wooden project. It takes little effort to just try out your idea. Start selecting lumber and let your ideas flow.

Create something simple and build on it as you go! You can also share it with friends and get their feedback. No experience needed, just your woodworking tools and ideas.

Learn As You Go!

It's very intimidating to get started with woodworking if you don't have a mentor. With Crafty, you can start off by building or cloning designs in our gallery. As you get more experience and get more familiar with all the parts, you can design your own projects!

Each of our pre-designed wooden projects comes with an easy-to-follow guide. Click through to discover the process of making with your own hands a small dog house or a modern pagoda for your home. You have the freedom to choose which wooden projects to pursue as your goals.

Pro Carpenter or Noob

Doesn't matter! Crafty Amigo is for everyone that wants to build. The important thing is to just start. Think of a simple concept and begin the design, or alternatively, kickstart your project by constructing one of the designs featured in our gallery!
Access to the entire list of parts with the right measurements like a Pro! If you start from scratch or select a free woodworking design, it automatically gets generated.

Design Anything!

Explore these fantastic ideas that will showcase beautifully in your preferred wood, whether it's the luxurious warmth of mahogany, the sophisticated elegance of oak, the rustic charm of cedar, or the contemporary vibe of maple. We've meticulously crafted these pre designs to spark your imagination.

All the Lumber Dimensions You Need!

Here is a quick preview of the current parts we've added for woodworking designs! Let us know if we're missing anything and we'll add it for you! We have all the common lumber but also have added lots of joints / plates for you.

We Know What Fits Into What

We know the size & type of each connection of each part of lumber
So we show you only compatible parts when you're creating your wood design

Woodworking Design Software

The software out there that's marketed for woodworking design is mostly just made for CAD. It's made for engineers that have expensive software and are already familiar with using complex software in 3D.
Crafty Amigo is made to be simple for everyone to use.

You could be 9 or 90 and you'll be able to quickly put together your design. Crafty Amigo is designed around standard parts that you can get from your local hardware store and allows you to place those parts and then snap other compatible parts to them. Very simple concept: Click - Select - Snap!

Our aim is to make the design and building process accessible to more people that love creating wooden furniture, wooden planters, wooden decking, etc. Once you're done with your design, you can share it with your friends. They can then make clones and make edits or just build out your shared design.

Once your design is done, you'll see the parts list and the exact measurement of each part so you can go out and build it without making 10 trips to Home Depot!

Oh and it's completely free and web based. You can also transition from wood into aluminum 8020 or PVC tubes!

See & Buy Your Parts List

We include the purchase links for all the parts you need and we're adding the ability to
purchase directly from Crafty Amigo very soon! How great is that? From your computer to your door, ready to assemble!

Start a WoodWorking Project!

Designing a DIY project made out of wood is Free and Super Easy!

Start Designing


Is this a downloadable app?
No! It all works on the browser. It works on your phone as well as your computer!

Is it free?
Yes the app is 100% free.

Can I save my design?
Yes! You can save your design in your account.

Can I share my design?
Yes! You'll have a unique URL for every design you save which you can send to anyone! They can then see or clone the woodworking design. They cannot edit your design. You can also delete it whenever you'd like.

What materials do you support?
Crafty currently have 700 parts across
aluminum 8020, steel, wood and PVC! Just for woodworking projects we have around 210 parts and it keeps growing. Let us know if we're missing a part.

Where did the idea for this app come from?
I spent a year building an off grid farm and knew nothing about construction / plumbing / electrical work…
I saw that most people had to go the hardware store multiple times and many times they weren’t able to finish their work that day because the vendor didn’t have the part. So I thought if you can design your project beforehand, it will allow us to check for compatibility while you’re designing and then be able to send you all the parts! Much easier!

Can I connect black or galvanized steel, aluminum joints, standard PVC or plastic to my wooden projects?
Yes. There are transition parts that allow you to connect metals to wood or wood to Standard PVC. If there is interest, we will start adding parts like motors and electrical components as well.

The idea for Crafty is to be a place where you can design your entire woodworking project with all of its components so when you want to get to building, all you need to do is order in your favorite store with a part list with the real measurements!

Do you have everything in stock?
No, not everything. We don’t hold lumber in stock currently but you can get the parts list and take it to your local hardware store.

How do you deal with long and heavy parts (like 2x4s)?
When you have parts longer than 36" or of a certain kind (like lumber beyond a certain WxH), we just give you the dimension / exact length for you to go buy that at your local store. It doesn't make much sense to ship a 2x4 :)

Are you going to add more parts and lumber?
Yes. This current set of parts that you see on the app is our initial set. We just finished this version in March 2024 so we’re listening to the feedback we get and will evolve the app to be the best that it can be for all of you!

Why not just use CAD?
You can! If you have all the parts downloaded already and are an expert in CAD software. Also, I would hope that your CAD software gives you a clean output of all the parts / their exact measurements.
What CAD software won't do is allow you to share the design online and allow others to see your wooden design and specs.

Do you have any tutorials on how to use the app?
Yes please visit our YouTube Channel and learn about:
Crafty Amigo Tutorial: Design Your Woodworking Project!
Crafty Amigo Tutorial: How to design your DIY PVC Project!