Free Plans to Make a Wooden Credenza

DIY a Wooden Credenza

A minimalistic credenza to store all your chic decor!

When it comes to remodeling your living room or your dining room, this credenza will give it a minimalist look and showcase your finest decorations. This credenza is really easy to do; it consists of two drawers and side frames. You can store anything you wish in its drawer.

As for your style, choose the wood that best suits your space - rustic cedar, modern pine, or sturdy oak - and follow your DIYer heart for the rest of the materials and tools. After all, this is the beauty of being a crafter - being able to choose what most pleases you.

Ideal for: Living room, dining room, TV room, or your own entrance.

Ready to build your own? Amazing! Just check out the DIY build guide and diagrams below to get started. 


A note before starting - 

Please understand - the below diagrams are genuinely and carefully designed to help you navigate the build process. However, we don’t include specific recommendations for which tools, hardware, or products to use. These truly are “DIY” designs. 

As such – a significant portion of the build-process will be up to you, the builder. So please know, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to assemble any of our designs! If you need to depart from the instructions, or rearrange things along the way, feel free to. 

The only thing we ask: please be safe! And of course, there’s no shame in asking an expert for help or seeking guidance from your local professionals at any time. 

And please: enjoy the process!

Wooden Credenza Parts List

Part icon
1'' x 10'' Lumber - 10" Length
Wood - Lumber
Part icon
1'' x 10'' Lumber - 40" Length
Wood - Lumber
Part icon
1'' x 12'' Lumber - 40" Length
Wood - Lumber
Part icon
2'' x 2'' Lumber - 50" Length
Wood - Lumber
Part icon
2'' x 2'' Lumber - 11" Length
Wood - Lumber

Wooden Credenza Assembly Steps

How do you know which part is which from the parts list? Click on "Edit Design in 3D" button above and you'll be able to click on each part to see its name.

Step 1: Building the Side Frames of Your Credenza

These side frames will help support the drawers of your Credenza, so it's very important to make sure all your lumber is cut exactly the same and screwed firmly.

You can grab your 2"X 2" Lumber - 50" Length and then fix them with your 2"X 2"Lumber - 11" Length. Make sure you place your lumber at the same height on both frames. First measure and mark your longest lumber, the 2x2" Lumber - 50" length and then mark the middle of the 2x2"lumber - 11" length. Carefully drill the holes on both lumber with the right bit and then screw the smallest lumber onto the longest lumber.

Please look at our image "Group 1" double checking you have left the same space from the floor to the first small lumber and then to the next one. 

A good tip is to grip both frames together to make sure you have screwed them together at the same height. For this step we recommend using 2 1/2 " screws these will perforate the lumber without breaking the wood or reaching the surface making it dangerous.

Step 2: Assembling the Drawers of Our Credenza

Now on to the credenza drawers! Here you will need the following material: 2 - 1"X 10" Lumber - 40" Length, 2 - 1"X 10"Lumber - 10" Length and 1 - 1"X 12"Lumber - 40" Length.

First you must use your measuring tape and make sure you mark all your lumber correctly for each drawer. Any wrong calculation could make your drawer look crooked or unable to fit in properly to your frame. 

Once you have all your lumber marked, use an electric saw to cut all the pieces you need. A manual saw can also do the work, but you must be extra careful to give each board a good straight finish. You will end up with four long boards that will be the top and base of your drawers, two that will be the wall of your drawers, and four pieces that will be the side walls of your drawers. In total, ten pieces of wood will be ready to assemble.

Now start by screwing the top and sides of your drawer with your 1x10" lumber - 40" length to your 1x10" lumber - 10" length creating a well and firm rectangle. Leave the 1x2" lumber - 40" length that will work as a wall until the end so it can reinforce and fix all the angles of your drawer when placing this last piece. We recommend 2" screws.

Repeat this action in your second drawer. And there you go, you have yourself two drawers ready to be placed on the main frame.

Step 3: Assembling the Drawers to the Frame

You now have two sets of elements at your disposal: the frames and the drawers. To prepare for assembly, ensure you have a flat surface available to place the frame. It's recommended to have some extra help to support both frames as you proceed to position the first drawer. We'll begin with the upper drawer, which should be placed on the smaller wooden pieces located towards the end of the longest piece of lumber. For a visual guide, please refer to the image labeled as Group 3. 

Mark the lumber with your measuring tape and a pencil. Make sure your drawer is right in the middle. Drill the wholes carefully and here we recommend 2 1/2 " screws.

Time to place the second drawer on top of the other small lumber closest to the floor. As before, carefully mark and drill your holes and screw in the drawer. Make sure it's aligned to the first drawer.

Remember, this project is about patience and enjoying the process! When placing this last drawer you'll be finished! 

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