How to Build a Wooden Utility Cart

DIY a Wooden Utility Cart

A useful utility cart for any storage purpose. 

We made this beautiful wooden utility cart with wheels. You can use it for your mini bar space, for all your school material, or for your instruments and paints in a workshop. You name it! Perfect for new DIYers.

This utility cart has 2 bases of storage, the lower base has an 18" space between both racks. Build your own with your favorite wood -- rustic cedar, modern pine, or sturdy oak. You'll be working with 2x2" and 2x4" lumber at different lengths.

Ideal for: Workshops, dining rooms, offices, restaurants, and cafes. 

Ready to start this new project that will bring joy to your home? Let’s do it!


A note before starting - 

Please understand - the below diagrams are genuinely and carefully designed to help you navigate the build process. However, we don’t include specific recommendations for which tools, hardware, or products to use. These truly are “DIY” designs. 

As such – a significant portion of the build-process will be up to you, the builder. So please know, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to assemble any of our designs! If you need to depart from the instructions, or rearrange things along the way, feel free to. 

The only thing we ask: please be safe! And of course, there’s no shame in asking an expert for help or seeking guidance from your local professionals at any time. 

And please: enjoy the process!

Wooden Utility Cart Parts List

Part icon
2'' x 2'' Lumber - 32" Length
Wood - Lumber
Part icon
2'' x 2'' Lumber - 17" Length
Wood - Lumber
Part icon
2'' x 2'' Lumber - 33" Length
Wood - Lumber
Part icon
2'' x 4'' Lumber - 33" Length
Wood - Lumber
Part icon
2'' x 4'' Lumber - 17" Length
Wood - Lumber
Part icon
1'' x 4'' Lumber - 17" Length
Wood - Lumber

Utility Cart Assembly Steps

How do you know which part is which from the parts list? Click on "Edit Design in 3D" button above and you'll be able to click on each part to see its name.

Step 1: Building the Main Frames of the Utility Cart

Our first step will be measuring all of our lumber carefully and cutting each part as straight as possible. Remember that paying attention to detail will allow you to correctly assemble all your parts when reaching that step. 

For our main frames, we will need four lumber measuring 2x2” - 32” length, four 2x2” lumber - 17” length and four 2x4” lumber - 17” length. This will be the side of our utility cart.

Once you have cut all your lumber, double check it has the right size. Then, with a pencil and a measuring tape, mark the longest lumber where you'll place your littlest pieces of wood. For the 2x4" - 17" length lumber make sure to mark 2 points on each extreme of the wood. Since this part is wider, by drilling two holes and screwing them in to the longest lumber, it will make this piece extra strong to hold anything that will be stored on the grill. 

The 2x2" lumber - 17" length is perfect with just one screw. Just make sure you mark it in the middle. When marking and drilling, make sure to use the right bit so it all assembles tightly. We recommend 2 1/2 " screws. By the end of this step you'll have both frames ready, as in our graphic above.

Step 2: Building Our Utility Cart Side Supports

Now, let's start working with our 2x2" lumber - 33" Length and our 2x4" - 33" Length. We just assembled our narrow side; now it's time for the wider side of our utility cart. So basically we will do a T- assembly by placing our 2x2” lumber - 33” Length on top of the 2x4” - 33” length. As before, mark your lumber in the middle with a pencil. Remember that the widest lumber needs two holes for your screws, and the littlest should only have one. Please look at the "Group 2 Side Supports" image above. 

Now on the length side of your lumber, draw three marks. Make sure you start from the middle and into the extremes of the lumber. They will also be fixed onto the middle of the width of the 2x4" lumber. These parts will support the grill we will be using in step three. Here we used 2 ½” screws.

Step 3: Assembling Our Utility Cart Side Supports

This upcoming step is quite thrilling, as it involves the assembly of the fundamental structure of our project.  You should be working with four parts of side supports- 33¨ Length and four of 2¨X 2¨Lumber - 33¨ Length.

Safety is crucial on any DIYer project. Make sure you use gloves that can protect you from harm with nails or drills. Start to drill every lumber and then with 2 ½” screws, strart screwing each lumber to the main frame.  Start by the T-assembles which are your side supports and place them on each corner of the frames. Then in the middle place your 2x2” lumber - 33” length.

We suggest you work on the floor so you can have a good view of the base while installing the posts.  

Remember to enjoy the process. This stage holds significant importance, and it's crucial to ensure a properly aligned and straight cart.

Step 4: Grills Assembly of Our Utility Cart

Now we need to make sure our 1x4'' - 17'' length wood is well measured and cut. Each grill will use seven parts, so you should have fourteen in total. These parts will fit on top of our T-Assemble, which should be marked with a pencil and should guide you on where to place each piece of lumber evenly. Hold the lumber gently with a good grip that will prevent the piece from moving while hammering the nails. We recommend 2" nails.

If for some reason the piece doesn't fit perfectly, you can always use paper sand to rub off the extra texture that might be interfering with fixing the pieces onto the main structure.

Start with the base; you only need one nail on each extreme of the lumber. You can also use a guide in between each piece so you make sure the grill is balanced and gives the right sensation of order and aesthetic finish.You’re almost done!! Last details next!

Step 5: Wheels Assembly of Our Utility Cart

We have reached the final step, and it's very easy to be honest. For the final step, you'll need four 3" Caster wheels. 

Place each wheel in the corner of your utility cart, making sure you mark the drilling dots covering the two lumber connections: the 2x4" and the 2x2" lumber. We recommend using the bit for a 1" screw. And there you go, you've made your own wooden Utility Cart!

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